Camp NaNoWriMo: April 2013 #1

Ordinarily, I would post this on my other blog, reserving this one for ASD-related stuff. But my writing is so much a part of who I am, and tied in a lot with the ASD, so I decided what the heck, I might as well. Besides, this falls under achievements, I think!

So, here’s a status report on my April project: It Came From the Library, for Camp NaNoWriMo in April 2013.

I’ve participated in five NaNoWriMo Novembers so far, starting in 2008 with my in-editing novel Search and Rescue. I won in 2008, 2009, and 2010, with a novel finished in both 2008 and 2009. (The 2010 was Lost and Found, the sequel to SaR, and I discovered that I really needed to finish the re-write of SaR before I started on the sequel.) 2011 and 2012 I didn’t make it to the finish line, mostly due to various issues with work, my health, and trying to deal with the effects of ASD and living with my parents again.

It didn’t help that part of what got me so into NaNoWriMo was the Toronto NaNo group, who welcomed me eagerly into the fold, and always had lots of big events to go to. Not to mention the coffee shops. Toronto’s a big city. St. John’s is not. And while that’s very good for me in general (I need the slower pace of life, it’s easier for me to cope with), it means that NaNo events and resources… aren’t great. The MLs do try, and in 2012 I made it out of a couple of meetings, but…. *shrugs a bit helplessly* There aren’t the large coffee shops here in St. John’s that there were in Toronto.

Anyway, onto Camp NaNoWriMo.

I tried it last August, and failed miserably, mostly for the same reasons listed above. But I don’t give up when it comes to my writing. So, when it came around that they were going to do April and July this year for Camp, I dived in. I’m off work now, because the contract ended March 28th, and I need something to do with myself.

One of my best friends suggested the idea for It Came From the Library (click on the link above to see the summary and an excerpt), and my Plot Bunnies seized it with a certain amount of eagerness.

Now, as it happens, I was sick this past week. (Lightheadedness and dizziness, probably from the diuretic for the high blood pressure, and sinus headaches.) So I typed almost 300 words on the first, and then nothing until yesterday (Saturday), which has been the first day that I’ve felt almost normal this week.

Also, as it happens, not all the writing I’ve been doing yesterday and today has been directly for It Came From the Library. However, the good thing about NaNoWriMo (and Camp NaNoWriMo) is that any writing you do during the month counts for the word count. So getting some fanfics moving (finally!) has been a bonus that I’ve grabbed onto. And I’ve gone from a miserable 18% of the word count goal for that day (on the first) – and 4% of the word count goal for that day on the fifth – to almost half of the day’s word count goal (at the time I’m posting this, 44% of it) for today. Yay me! Not only is my word count going up, but I’ve been getting more writing done over yesterday and today than I’ve done in months! (And a fair bit of that has been on ICFtL.)

So, that’s update #1. I’m currently (as of posting time, which is way early in the morning) sitting at 5,159 words, and today’s word count goal is 11,667. I suspect that if I don’t reach that today, I’ll still manage to write enough that I can reach tomorrow’s (Monday’s) word count goal by midnight Monday night / Tuesday morning. Yay me again! 😉

[Edit: April 09/13] Well, I didn’t make Monday’s (yesterday’s) word count goal, unfortunately, because of exhaustion / fatigue and the sinus headache (which turns out to be a sinus infection) yesterday. However, I have weeks to catch up, and on Saturday the 13th, there’s the NaNo Marathon, for which I will be participating in TweetChat and also plan to go to a coffee shop and write for. So the little setback that was yesterday shouldn’t be much of a problem. [/End Edit]

So, yeah… looks like my NaNo stuff is coming over to this blog as well. Heh.


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