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Okay, the post I’m recommending is not actually called “Interrupting and Correcting”; it’s a series of 3 posts about the AS (read that as Asperger’s Syndrome or Autism Spectrum) need to be Right. But… reading through it? My first thought was, Mom, this is why I have such a hard time controlling my urge to step in with a correction when I know you’ve made a mistake.

Because as my mother would (correctly) tell you – that’s a major problem I still have. I can get by in social situations, for the most part. I learned early on that politeness and “shyness” are a good combo – and I do seem to give off the general vibe of “asexual” when meeting new people. (Or, at least, if people do flirt with me, I don’t notice, and don’t respond – I tend to draw in on myself when meeting new people as well….) But say something that I know is incorrect… and I have to almost bite down on my tongue (literally) to keep myself from making a correction. And still, about half the time, I don’t manage to stop it.

Now, I didn’t get the same type of bullying that the author of this post got – I was more inclined to be bullied because I was smart, and because I was a very tall, clumsy girl, in elementary school, and in high school, I was with people as smart as I was, so there wasn’t that kind of “that person has the answers” dynamic going on. But… being smart got me the respect of the teachers. And therefore their approval. And that mattered, because one thing I was shown in elementary school is that there are good adults out there who will do their best to protect you from bullies. And adults are more likely to believe you when you don’t feel well or can’t do something if they respect you. (Not always, but enough so that my analytical side could come to that conclusion.)

So, from Snakedancing’s blog, I give you:

Please note that the topic above is really the main topic of only the first post. The other two go into strategies to help deal with the need to be right.

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(P.S. My planned post following up on Modes of Thought will be out – either tomorrow or later today, depending on whether you subscribe to the “day changes over at midnight” theory or the “day changes over after you fall asleep” theory. If the latter, it will be out tomorrow – this is what I say; if the former, it will be out later today – which is what the website says.)

One thought on “Recommendation: Interrupting and Correcting

  1. Ari

    Rarely have trouble admitting to when wrong. It part of desire for things to be right. Does not matter at all the source of truth so long as it was accessible or available. Self admits errors, admits being wrong, when finds out real truth. At least, most of time.

    Also really doubt my attraction to truth has anything to do with being bullied. Was not, not really. Unless one counts as being invisible, unnoticed, as bullying rather than what self wanted and preferred.

    Also rarely care so much for correcting others. If truth is known to self, that is the important part to self. Others can be wrong, it matters not so much unless self cares for and respects person. Then might make effort to share correction. Problems happen when respected person insists on wrong thing and self does not have ability to prove truth.

    But. Am not “aspie”. Self is autistic. Am believe there is a significant difference, even if many others (“aspie” others) insist there is not. Absolutely is undeniable difference in communication ability. Much easier to correct someone being wrong when one can speak *and* be heard. That could be enough to account for some of differences.


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