Toronto #CAPP Meeting

It’s been a while, I know. Between dealing with the effects of my heat allergy in July and August (yeah, summers in St. John’s are a lot cooler than, say, summers in Toronto, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t get warm), and then catching a nasty cold in the first week of September (I’m still coughing), I haven’t had a lot of energy to spare to be updating.

But the CAPP Advisory Group met in Toronto on Monday, and we had a great time. We were informed of the basic stats of the responses to the Community Round Tables, the surveys, and the written submissions – and I just want to say a large “Thank You!” to all those who responded. The numbers exceeded what our mandate called for, which is wonderful, and provides even more support for the need for a Canadian Autism Partnership.

In fact, sometime soon, I’ll be posting a template letter for everyone to send to their MPs asking them to support the proposed partnership that the project board is going to be submitting.

And you know, it’s really wonderful to walk into a room and be surrounded by people of your neurotype, who really get you, and get compliments like our chair’s (she says that our meetings are her favourite ones, because we listen, absorb, ask for clarification if we need it, say our bit, and move on, all very smoothly).

It’s great. I really love these face-to-face meetings we have.

And you know what’s also great?

Getting to spend time with the members of my family who live here in Toronto. (And meeting my youngest niece! She’s exactly thirteen months old today, and I just got to meet her on Sunday!) I’m staying with my youngest sister most of the time – tomorrow through Saturday I go to spend with my borther, sister-in-law, and my younger nieces – and seeing the rest of the family as well (it’s my aunt’s birthday today, so my sister and I are taking her out for lunch soon). And yesterday evening I got to meet up with my group of friends from fandom here in Toronto for their regular Tuesday night dinner, and I specifically arranged to be here for two Tuesdays (I fly home next Wednesday) so I can do that again next week!

So far, the trip has been wonderful in both aspects – the CAPP Advisory Group meeting stuff (and getting to spend time with my friends that I made among that group), and the family-and-friends aspect. (The only real problem is the heat!) It really is wonderful how I’m able to combine the two. (I have to admit: when it was suggested at the last online Advisory Group meeting, I was the one who immediately said, “Let’s do Toronto!” specifically because it would let me see my family and friends. *grins smugly*)

Anyway, thought I’d share with you all that I’m not dead, and wonderful things have been happening the last week or so! 🙂 More will probably follow on my Other Blog and in later posts.

‘Later, all!

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