Recommendation: What Is Autism? by Nick Walker

This is a guest post on the blog Raising Rebel Souls. Nick Walker is autistic, and has come up with a description of autism that matches my own experience and, as I understand it, the experiences of the majority of my fellow autistics, no matter where they might fit on the spectrum. He also removes the pathologizing element from the equation / description, and writes clearly, presenting facts as they are known.

I highly recommend that everyone read this post: Guest Post from Nick Walker: What is Autism?

Or, alternatively, you can also find the details of his part of the post (though not Mom2Rebels’ additional comments) at his own blog, Neurocosmopolitanism, at What Is Autism?

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3 thoughts on “Recommendation: What Is Autism? by Nick Walker

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      Tried to post a reply to the guest post directly, but blogger wouldn’t accept my credentials, so I’ll put it here for you. *wry grin*

      “As you already know (:)), I’ve done a recommendation post for this guest post. It definitely resonates with me. I’m also planning to pass this link along to some other people who may not read my blog often, so that they can check it out themselves. Not to mention save a copy on my hard drive! 🙂

      😉 tagAught”


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