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Guest Post: My Sister

My middle sister put up a post on Facebook last night about her visit (with her children) this summer, and my reactions. I asked her (a few minutes ago as I’m writing this) if I could post it here, and she said “Sure!” I thought it might be nice to pass on how she has seen some things. 🙂 Included are the pictures she used to show this.

I’m having a bit of an introspective evening. I was going through my pictures on my phone and came across these ones from this summer. These pictures of my older sister, Trudy, are full of meaning to those who know us. Trudy was diagnosed a few years back with autism. This means that my sister has lived most of her life not knowing why her mind works the way it does. It hasn’t been an easy road for her. It has been challenging for Trudy to be in loud, high energy, emotionally demanding situations. My three children, her niece and nephews, are just that. Loud, energetic, and very emotional.
Since her diagnosis, my parents have fought for her to have access to the appropriate services. She has worked very hard to get to the point that she’s at today.
These pictures show my big sis embracing the tornadoes that are my children. The joy on her face while playing with Milo melts my heart. She and Zoe relate through books. I love the looks on their faces as they realize, simultaneously, that I’m taking their picture. She and Danny would read together and she was there, fully present in the moment with him. Looking at these pictures brings tears to my eyes. Happy tears.
I have always wondered if the different forms of therapy offered for autism made that much of a different. The proof is in the pictures. It really does. Trudy has come so far in the last few years and I am very proud of her. I felt the need to share my pride with you.
If you’re still looking for that perfect gift for someone, maybe think about donating to your local Autism Society. They make a difference.

Trudy is very open about her journey with autism, so I know she won’t mind me sharing my ramblings.

Sonja Goold's photo.
Sonja Goold's photo.
Sonja Goold's photo.
Sonja Goold's photo.
Sonja Goold's photo.

I had to admit that after they went home, I spent a week hiding out in my apartment to recover – but it was so worth it, getting to spend time with them.

‘Later, all!

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By tagÂûght

I’m in my mid-thirties. I’ve lived in Canada all my life (Toronto and St. John’s), but I’ve travelled to Florida, Massachusetts, England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, and Costa Rica. I love airplane travel (as long as there are no noisy kids around me!). I’m proud to be Canadian (though Harper might end up changing that!).

I have ASD, aka Autism Spectrum Disorder. Strictly speaking, I’ve been diagnosed as having Aspergers, but (for Canada and the US, at least) that diagnosis is going to be melded with ASD as of May, with the publication of DSM V. Having ASD, and the job I do at the moment (see First Post), is why reading the blogs I mentioned above inspired me to start one of my own about my life in general.

Back in October, I got my driver’s license (as opposed to driving permit for learners) – after twenty years of effort and trying. A lot of thanks is due to my instructor, who has dealt with people with ASD before, and so knew how to teach me for the test (I was able to drive before, just not pass the test, due to anxiety and problems with multi-tasking).

I’m a fanatic writer of SF and Fantasy, both fanfiction and original, and I devour books as well.

I love animals, in particular cats, and I have a fascination with wolves, wild cats (including the big cats), orcas, and the physiology of cephalopods.

I love the wilderness – though I don’t really have the endurance (at the moment, at least) to go hiking or camping out.

And, rather importantly, I’m not someone who thinks about political correctness when it comes to vocabulary. I use what seems right when it seems right. That will include calling myself a person with ASD, or an Autistic, or an Aspie. I’m me; I can call myself what I want.

So, enough about me. Go read my posts – they’re more informative!

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Trudy, I’m so glad you were able to enjoy time together with your family and mini tornadoes, and that you were able to do what you had to, to recover after. Thanks for sharing your sister’s post.

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