Recommendation: G is for Giraffe by Unstrange Mind

And it’s another recommendation of a post from Unstrange Mind’s A-to-Z April Blogging Challenge, this one “G is for Giraffe“.

What do giraffes have to do with autism, you ask? It’s all about symbols and symbolism. The majority of the Autistic community do not care for the puzzle piece symbolism, for fairly clear reasons – there’s nothing about us that’s missing, for one thing – and it was a symbol created by allistics, not autistics. We need our own symbols.

And that’s what Unstrange Mind’s post for today is about – what are the autistic-created symbols for autism? Read, and find out!

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3 thoughts on “Recommendation: G is for Giraffe by Unstrange Mind

  1. Peter MacFarland Coogan

    The giraffe seems to reinforce the puzzle piece. The way it’s drawn its head looks like a puzzle piece and then its spots are drawn like puzzle pieces. So I think it’s a bad symbol.


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