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Links Page

30 Days of Autism Leah Kelley (and H) – Autism Parent
Actually Autistic Blog List What it says on the tin
Adventures in Asperger's Adventures in Asperger’s – Autism Dad!
Always Aspiegirl Erika Aspiegirl – Autistic Adult
Amy Sequenzia on Ollibean Amy Sequenzia – Autistic Adult
Aspects of Aspergers Aspects of Aspergers – Autistic Adult
Asperger's and Me Andraya – Autistic Adult
Asperger's Diary Asperger’s Diary – Autistic Adult
Astronauts Are Cool zfjADE’s blog – Autistic Adult
Autism Acceptance Decade All About Autism Acceptance – by Autistics!
Autism and Empathy Autism and Empathy – Autistic Adult, Autistic Parent, Autism Parent
Autism Through the Medium of Cats Autism Through the Medium of Cats – Autistic Adult, Cats!
Autism Women's Network Autism Women’s Network: Autistic Adults, Autistic Women
Autistic Hoya Autistic Hoya – Autistic Adult
Ballastexistenz Ballastexistenz – Autistic Adult
Because life is in the details Autisticook – Autistic Adult
Caffeinated Autistic The Caffeinated Autistic – Autistic Adult, Autistic Parent
Cari Noga, freelance writer Cari Noga – Autism Parent
Catastraspie Catastraspie – Autistic Adult, Autistic Parent
Cats Who Know They Are Cats Cats Who Know They Are Cats – Autistic Adult, Cats!
Chavisory's Notebook Chavisory’s Notebook – Autistic Adult
Crossover Queen My best friend’s blog – all about writing, shinies, and tropes
Diary of a Mom Diary of a Mom – Autism Parent
Dude, I'm an Aspie Dude, I’m an Aspie – Autistic Adult
Emma’s Hope Book Emma’s Hope Book – Autism Parent, Autistic Child
Emma's Messiah Miracle of Music Emma and Paige – Autistic Adult
Everyday Asperger's Everyday Asperger’s – Autistic Adult, Autistic Parent
Flappiness Is… Flappiness Is… – Autism Parent
FLASH BLOG: Autism Positivity, 2012-Present What is positive about Autism? 2015: Love, Acceptance, Self-Care
FLASH BLOG: Autism Speaks, I Want to Say Autism Speaks, I Want to Say – Flash Blog, Autistic Adult
FLASH BLOG: Autistic People Are Flash blog for “Autistic People Are” – Mar. 2nd, 2013
FLASH BLOG: Autistic People Should Flash blog for “Autistic People Should” – Feb. 23rd 2013
FLASH BLOG: Autistics Speaking Day Flash blog for “Autistics Speaking Day” – Nov. 1st
Hamilton FeminAuts A group founded to help female identified autistics in the area of Hamilton (Ont) and surrounds.
I Have Asperger's I Have Asperger’s – Autistic Adult
Ido in Autismland Ido Kedar – Autistic Teen
if I Need Help International organization for wanderers
Inner Aspie Inner Aspie – Autistic Adult, Autistic Parent
Just Stimming Just Stimming – Autistic Adult
Kids Grow Up Amy Baskin – Autism Parent
Life With Asperger's Life With Asperger’s – Autistic Adult
Love Explosions Love Explosions – Autism Parent
Lyssa and Me Tielserrath – Autistic Adult
Mama Be Good Mama Be Good – Autism Parent
MOM-N.O.S. Mom Not Otherwise Specified – Autism Parent
Musings of An Aspie Musings of An Aspie – Autistic Adult
Neurocosmopolitanism Nick Walker – Autistic Adult
Outrunning The Storm Outrunning The Storm – Autism Parent
Perceptions Perceptions – Autistic Adult, Non-verbal
Radical Neurodivergence Radical Neurodivergence – Autistic Adult
Raising Rebel Souls Raising Rebel Souls – Autism Parent
Shaping Clay M. Monje Jr. – Autistic Adult
Snagglebox Bec Oakley, Autism Parent
StimTastic Musings of an Aspie’s company – providing stimming tools at a reasonable cost, and giving back to the Autistic Community
tag's Haven tag’s Haven: My Writing and Life In General (My Other Blog)
The Stimming Checklist The results of Autisticook’s Questions about Stimming; not just autistic stims included
The Third Glance E’s Blog – Autistic Adult
Thinking Person's Guide to Autism Resource blog!
Tiny Grace Notes (AKA Ask An Autistic) Tiny Grace Notes – Autistic Adult, Autistic Parent
Unstrange Mind Unstrange Mind – Autistic Adult
We Are Like Your Child We Are Like Your Child: Autistic Adult Blog for Parents
Wiring the Brain Wiring the Brain – Science-Bio, Genetics, Neurology
Yes, That Too Yes, That Too – Autistic Adult

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