#CAPP Films: #AutisticAdvocates Speak

So, I didn’t actually post anything about the CAPP meeting in Montreal at the end of October, mostly because it was a quick two days and I got unpleasantly flustered over issues with getting to the airport for my flight home. (I made it, but it wasn’t fun.)

One thing we did in Montreal during out meeting, however, is now public – each of us who were present were filmed doing a quick interview by Spectrum Productions, in order to create a short film about CAPP that could go public.

As of today, those films – the short film put together of all of us, and the individual interviews – are live, and available to the public.

The short film Hear From the Experts contains a selection of the interviews that each of us gave; the individual interviews contain more details and answers. Below is the short film and my interview.


To see the individual interviews of the rest of the group (great people to work with, by the way), please go to the CAP Project Website, on the page Hear From Our Supporters. Please note that the Executive Summary of our proposal for the Canadian Autism Partnership is now publically available on the website home page.

Now is the time for our fellow Canadians to speak out. Please let your provincial and federal government representatives know that the Canadian Autism Partnership is an organization that you would like to see created and funded. We’ve come this far with your help; now we need to go the rest of the distance.

And a broad Thank You to everyone who has worked on this project with me – Cynthia Carroll, Allison Garber, Carol Cox, Patricia George-Zwicker, Kristian Hale, Jackie MacMillan, Georges Huard, Jessica Pigeau, and Corey Walker – and those who have helped and supported the Advisory Group as we worked to put this project together – Margaret Whelan, Senator Jim Munson, and Spectrum Productions in particular (as they attended certain of our meetings).

Thank you all.

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